2019 is going to be a busy, growing year for the Burbank/Walula area. Tyson Foods will be expanding and a new Volvo/Mack dealership is coming (Northwest Equipment Sales). It will eventually be a 112-acre business park and many spaces will be available.

MyColumbiaBasin.com has a really cool map of the planned development. There will be tons of space for new businesses, so if you've been sharing space, or participating in an incubator program, operating out of your home, or just outgrowing your current shop or offices, this is really exciting news.

Doubtless new homes will be coming soon (and there were some really affordable ones built along A Street in Pasco a couple years ago). So if you want to live closer to work, some good options should be coming along in the next few years.

My friends can recommend some good cafes in the Burbank area. And we all know the scenery is great out there. Just think, on ski Fridays you'll be 20 minutes closer to Bluewood as well :-)

This is some really exciting news. As Tri-Cities grows, expansion in to the Burbank area only makes sense.

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