A recent report gave marijuana sales figures for each county, broken down by per capita consumption. Yes, King County saw $48 million in sales, but that's 12th place for per capita!

Why so much for the county with Goldendale and Maryhill? A great guess is Oregonians. If people in The Dalles and Hood River want marijuana, Klickitat County is where they would go (although it's legal in Oregon now). Either way, the whole region sees a lot of tourism and extreme sports. Those crowds are likely to indulge.

Who is No. 2? Clark County with Cowlitz County seeing a healthy number too. Why? They're across the river from Portland. Again, once Oregon sales pick up, these will likely go way, way down.

Franklin County doesn't allow marijuana sales. The Prosser store in Benton County is doing enough business to equal $15 per person! Yakima bans the drug, yet across the county enough was sold to be $11 per person!

Whitman saw a huge number, $44 per person, probably because of WSU?

Jefferson County also saw a large number. Can't figure that one out... maybe because of Port Townsend? Maybe the population is so tiny any sales create large per capital numbers? Beats me!

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