This really surprised me, but then once it was explained, it made TOTAL sense! It's all about the marketing! You'll chuckle when you find out what it is:

Plain, old, generic LASAGNA!!!

Apparently a 43-year-old salesman named John Chandler from Dallas, Texas posted a recipe of his regular lasagna on in 2001. It was good, his girlfriend thought, and he should share it.

He gave it the headline, "World's Best Lasagna" -- and that was the secret to his success!

It's just sweet Italian sausage, ground beef and ricotta cheese made the regular way. At least 12 million people have viewed the recipe in just the last five years and it has more than 10,000 ratings on -- mostly positive.

Since we're heading to the Fiery Foods Festival in Downtown Pasco Saturday, I thought I'd share some delicious-looking spicy lasagna!

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