At first I was like WOW! How cool is that! I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on kids toys! I can just rent them!

Pretty ingenious actually! A new company called Toygaroo will now rent kids toys to you for a monthly fee and every month you send the toys back and Toygaroo will send you some new fresh toys for your kids to play with. Just like Netflix!

I had a couple of concerns. What if my kid broke the toy? The other was waht about the ICK! factor? 

According to Toygaroo's website if your child breaks the toy then you buy it at a discounted price. So these toys and according to Toygaroo they have over 5000 different toys to choose from are sanitized before they are sent to you. Check their sanitation page 

Sounds interesting and if this idea sounds familiar maybe you saw it on the ABC Show the SHARK TANK!

So here is the company video and after you are done scroll down to take our little poll!

Toygaroo...Online Toy Rental from Toygaroo on Vimeo.