As my daughter Brianna continually updates the family from Afghanistan she constantly sees things that we normally don’t see around here. Besides the battles and fire fights she also sees our soldiers helping those who can’t help themselves. It is human nature to do that and the reward for the soldier is for them to have a battle buddy.

The resources of a soldier are very slim to help these pups and my daughter is taking it upon herself to make sure that the soldiers that are finding their new “battle buddies” have some toys, treats, and dog goodies that these dogs would love.

So here is what you can do. You can go to your pet store or pet aisle and pick up some dog goodies and fill a flat rate USPS mail box and send it to her!

Just a couple of weeks ago Brianna asked for beauty supplies for the female soldiers and she got about 10 boxes of cosmetics! Loved it! So I thought lets see if we can send her some boxes of dog treats and toys!

So what happens when a soldiers deployment is over and the soldier wants to take his battle buddy home? There is an organization that has a page on Facebook called Puppy Rescue Mission that helps gets these animals to the United States and home with their new found friend. Check it out they do amazing work!

If you want to send a box here is Brianna’s mailing address.




APO, AE 09383

Lets show Brianna what our listeners are all about and send her some goodies for the “Battle Buddies”!

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