You might have thought that the Yakima Speedway was down for the count but you'd be mistaken.

The Yakima Speedway will reopen in July with several events.

Ron Bennett and Doug Bettarel have leased the Yakima Speedway for the season from owner Ted Pollack.

A previous sale for the property has fallen through so that means the Yakima Speedway could get a reprieve and a second chance.

The Speedway’s Demo Derby on July 4 will be their first event and then followed by the West Coast Late Models on July 7.

The prices are also inexpensive - adult tickets for the Demo Derby will be $5 and the July 7 event will be $12.

The Speedway is still up for sale but hopefully a racing-minded investment group will buy the Speedway.

Bennett and Bettarel also have a lease option for 2018 if the property isn't sold by November 1st. enjoy the racing while we still have it in Yakima and if you support it, maybe we'll have the Yakima Speedway for years to come!

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