We are living in strange times. As I was browsing headlines this morning, I read where a Texas woman pulled a shotgun on a 7-year-old trick or treater, and that a New York City dad fought off three armed robbers posing as trick-or-treaters.

There are crazy stories in the news like this every day, but I don't expect them to be so close to home.

The crazy story I'm referring to is about the $800 gate that was going to be installed at the Tri-Cities food bank in Kennewick this week. This was not just a little walkway gate, either. When it was delivered it was so heavy it had to be lifted off of the truck with a forklift.

If the thieves thought that stealing from a business was no big deal because insurance would cover it they were wrong. And the food bank isn't really a business now is it? It's a charity for crying out loud. Click HERE for all the details from yaktrinews.com, and let's see if we can't manage to get this expensive gate back where it belongs.

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