Have you ever wanted to have an Airbnb experience that thrusts you back into the mid-to-late 1800s? Keep on reading to find out where you can make your wildest Oregon Trail-esque dreams come true to life!


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I have grown up with photographers my whole life, starting with my dad, Herschel. To hear my mother tell the story, she once had a hankering to learn how to become a photographer. She signed up for a class I think, and my dad decided he wanted to take the class, too. My mom didn't take well to the experience, but my dad was smitten with the new hobby. He taught himself how to use Nikon cameras and other assorted expensive equipment and soon was obsessed with learning how to develop pictures (he took over our one shared family bathroom as his makeshift developing room), and he needed test subjects. My little brother and I were roped into being his guinea pigs as he learned the correct placement of light lamps for taking professional pictures, whether we liked it or not.

My dad became so great at photography that he started his own business, Cosby Studio. He was soon in demand and people around Nashville hired him to photograph their weddings, bar mitzvahs, modeling headshots, family portraits, and celebrity events.

My father passed away in 2003, but if he were still alive today, I would pick up the phone right now and ring him up to tell him about this "Cottagecore" experience someone is offering for $30 a person on Airbnb Experiences in Spokane.

WTF is "cottagegore"? Sounds like the code word for Little House on the Prairie costumes. After you read the fine print of this Airbnb Experience, it IS actually a glorified photo shoot.

Yep, it's definitely a photo shoot! (VERY cool idea, though!) Wish I could tell my "PA" about it!


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