After Saturday's wind & rainstorms, Sunday morning started out only breezy but much cooler. And with all this stay-at-home stuff and social distancing, maybe a nice Sunday drive seemed like a good idea. I get it, you're feeling a little cooped up and have been taking your temperature for that cabin fever. The question is, do you want a relaxing Sunday drive, or do you want to 'light the afterburners' and take advantage of unusually lean traffic? Well, bad ideas often seem like good ideas when you've had too much smoke, drink, or drugs. That's why it's called being impaired, I reckon. By the way, unusually lean traffic only means Washington State Patrol can see you coming more easily! With little effort, they spotted this young man fresh on a series of terrible decisions, screaming down the road. You know you're in serious trouble when you're touching the average speed of a NASCAR race.

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