Winter is near and if you’re looking for a weekend or a weeklong getaway to play in the snow and spend time with family, this just might be the place for you.

The cabin is located in the heart of the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon near Tollgate, and it’s huge, with over 3300 square feet of living space - 5 bedrooms and 5 baths bath. That’s plenty of room for the whole family and pets too.

You’ll be in nature’s playground at over 5,000 feet in elevation – plenty of snow in the winter months for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowball fights. Plus, if you bring your big toys, like a snowmobile, ATV's or motorcycles, there's access to a huge covered shop for storage.

After a long day in the snow, you can go inside and warm up around a the stove or if you just want to hang out inside - no worries -  there’s a ping pong table, a big recreation room, TV, internet access (100 Mbps for video games), and a kitchen to make meals and snacks. This place gets great reviews – take a scroll down and check out the photos.

See Inside This Winter Cabin in the Blue Mountains

If you're looking for a spot to spend a few nights or more in a winter wonderland, then this huge cabin in the Blue Mountains just might be the place. It accommodates up 10 people with 9 beds (5 bedrooms) and 4.5 bathrooms. There's a lot to see in this part of Oregon - all seasons. Here's a peek inside.

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