I love reading Letters to the Editor because you "meet" some interesting people. One Hermiston man says recent discoveries on Mars should change how we talk about Evolution. It was interesting to say the least!

First a little background: the man is a retired 7th Day Adventist minister and does not believe in Evolution at all. He's a 100 percent Creationist. But he can talk chemistry better than the average person so his rant is worth a read:

If you don't want to read it here's the gist: if all it takes for the universe to create life is water, sunlight, carbon and enough time, why hasn't life evolved on Mars? Even the evidence of microbes discovered so far are less advanced than the simplest creatures on Earth.

Here's what a scientist would say: biology is not like gravity. Just because certain elements exist does not mean a result is automatic. For example, just because there's a jungle doesn't mean an ape will live inside. Just because a unique deck of cards was dealt the Earth doesn't mean God created it. Likewise, if you did find a worm on Mars, it doesn't mean Evolution created it. Why couldn't God build a worm on Mars?

Still, it's an interesting concept. What do YOU think?

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