A woman on Reddit is rethinking her relationship with her boyfriend as he refuses to let her dog out to use the bathroom.

On Reddit, the woman shared she and her boyfriend, "Tommy," decided to move in together, so she brought along her dog, Spud.

She didn't expect her partner to solely take care of Spud by any means, but she was horrified when she learned he refuses to simply let the dog out to pee when he's home.

When confronted, Tommy told her he doesn't want to "spoil" the dog, or train Spud to "expect it." Now, the woman is questioning her relationship.

"I have a dog 'Spud' I got before we got together. I would never ask or expect Tommy to ever care for him in any way, normally," she wrote via Reddit, noting that while her boyfriend was home from work for three days, she expected him to let Spud out to urinate — but he simply refused.

"He said, 'No, I won't, because then he'll expect it' and [Tommy] didn't want to 'spoil' him by letting him out during the day. I told him he didn't need a full walk, but a couple minutes to pee on the lawn would make him feel better, but Tommy still insisted he didn't care," she continued.

The woman even suggested they hire a dog walker, but Tommy told her he'd be scared the dog walker might steal their belongings.

In an update, the woman revealed she's been "rethinking" her relationship with Tommy due to several issues, but the dog ordeal might be "the final straw."

In the comments section, users rallied behind the woman, with many suggesting she dump her boyfriend.

"I genuinely don't understand Tommy's reasoning at all. Spoil a dog by letting him out to pee? What?" one person wrote.

"This absolutely is a dumping offense. He was happy to let your dog suffer? How could you be with someone like that?" another commented.

"Tommy's behavior is atrociously callous to poor Spud and shocking that he would act offended at your concern," someone else wrote.

"Spuds before duds," another user weighed in.

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