As details from the shooting inside the Winco shopping center in Richland, on Monday July 30th begin to unravel we find out that the Shooter brought his dog "Trixie" to the store with him and left her tethered to a pole outside. My friend Stephanie Swenson recalls details from last night.

So last night as I'm getting ready for bed I get a frantic phone call from a friend who works at WinCo. She's calling me about a dog tied p to a handicap parking sign and asked me to come help with the dog, once I get out to WinCo I walked into a shooting situation at the grocery store. This poor sweet dog is the dog of the shooter, the shooter that walked into WinCo searched out his victim, a lady he knew and shot her one time one bullet in the head. Trixie is the dog that belongs to the shooter, as I was getting there the police department told me I could not take Trixie with me Animal Control was on their way. I was hoping to help Trixie bridge between her former life and what her life could be. Instead she sits now in animal control instead of a loving caring home. If I had only been 5 minutes sooner, I could have helped Trixie, if you find yourself at Tri-City Animal Control stop by her cell Pat her head and tell her how beautiful she is, because she is truly a beautiful girl. She will be available for adoption in 72 hours is what I was told.

Stephanie spends her days and nights devoted to rescuing and rehoming dogs in need, she is truly a hero in my eyes! The amount of four legged friends she has saved and given a second chance is just incredible! She tells me today that she will be going to the shelter today to visit Trixie and check on her well-being. Thanks Stephanie for all you do!
Stephanie Swenson

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