Who doesn't need a new amazing Orca Cooler in their life!? How about for just dollar!? That's right, you could win this bad boy for just a buck!

Patnode's True Value in Benton City is raffling off an Orca Cooler full of goodies! Inside this 26 quart cooler is also grill liners, a protection mat, a lighter and a unique over sized spatula, making the total value of this prize $265.  Raffle tickets are on sale now at Patnode's for just $1, or if you spend $25 in the store you will automatically be entered into the drawing.

Making your dollar count! Not only will you have a chance to win this fabulous prize but every dollar you spend will go to help the local school district! You have until December 21st to get entered (drawing will be on the 21st), so get out to Benton City and get your tickets to win! Tell them Janis from KORD sent you!!


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