Take me out to the ball game! Summer is heating up and so is our Dust Devils Baseball team! Nothing says summer more than hanging out at the ballpark, eating a hotdog, and sipping on a cold beer! Woody and Janis have your hook-up this summer to watch that game, and for free! Here is how you can win with the Kord mobile app...

On your mobile device, go to your iPhone app store or your Google Play store and search for 1027 KORD. You will see the one and only "KORD", click on the Kord icon and hit INSTALL. It only takes a moment and you are downloaded! Once it is installed you will have the option to "open" the app, open the app!

You will then be prompted to make a decision... this is the crucial decision, so choose wisely. You will read the following message, "Location Service: In order to receive weather and location-based push notifications, please enable location services on the next prompt," hit OK. You will then have a selection of notifications you would like to receive, you want to enable the "exclusives." This is where it all happens! By accepting exclusive notifications, you will receive alerts telling you when to call to win prizes.

Starting Friday, and all next week be ready to receive your push notification and be caller number twelve at 509-547-5673. Caller twelve will score a four-pack of tickets to an upcoming Dust Devils game, along with a parking pass. Enjoy your summer evening with the Tri-Cities Dust Devils Baseball team! Good luck and go Dust Devils!

Tri City Dust Devils, Newstalk870
Tri City Dust Devils, Newstalk870

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