Credit: cdfries -Youtube
Credit: cdfries -Youtube

I'm totally excited that one of my favorite fast food restaurants is coming to eastern WA!

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Wienerschnitzel is scheduled to open in Spokane by mid-2022. The fast food franchise is based out of Newport Beach, CA. There are two other Wienerschnitzel locations in WA. One is in Everett and the other is in Fife.

The new restaurant will be in a space that was formerly a Papa John's Pizza restaurant on North Newport Highway.

Renovations are taking place and if all goes according to plan the restaurant should be open in about six months.

The good news is that franchisee Brian Harshbarger is planning to open several Wienerschnitzel restaurants in Spokane. No word yet on if he's planning to expand to the Tri-Cities.

Wienerschnitzel was founded in 1961 with it's first location on Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington, CA.

The Delicious One, Wienerschnitzel's mascot is known as the World's Most Wanted Wiener.

Credit: Youtube Wienerschnitzel Franchise
Credit: Youtube Wienerschnitzel Franchise

Wienerschnitzel doesn't just have hot dogs. The restaurant serves sandwiches, burgers, fries, breakfast, and more, like BBQ brisket. Of course, the fast food chain is known for serving the world's most wanted wiener as in chili dogs and corndogs. I also love the chili cheese fries. Wienerschnitzel also has Tastee Freez Soft-Serve ice cream.

I know when I get to Spokane after six months, I know where I'll be stopping. That is, unless someone opens a Tri-Cities location. That would be awesome.

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