Mystery and intrigue surround the shy quiet guy in a room. Timidity has a disarming effect on women. A shy guy doesn't try to smooth talk or throw out cheesy pick up lines, which is refreshing to most women. Women also love the challenge in getting to know a shy guy. When the introverted guy finally opens up to a woman, it means so much more. A guy doesn't have to say much, he just has to be sincere. Nice guys don't have to finish last, women want you!

Here are some tips for shy guys:

  • Open doors for women. Chivalry is rare, and a woman will take notice.

  • Pet dogs. Women will appreciate your special attention to their 4 legged pals.

  • Force yourself to strike up conversations with strangers, this will help you practice small talk.

  • When talking to a woman your interested in, ask for her opinion. Opinions are open-ended questions that allow you to get your foot in the door. When in doubt ask questions! Make her do that talking so you don't have to.

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