Since this was originally posted, I happened to drive by and notice that the drive-thru at The Habit Burger Grill in Richland was full of cars. I called the local number listed on Google to verify their status. I was eventually connected to someone who does not work at the Richland location (that takes phone orders) who initially said that The Habit Burger Grill in Richland was closed, then said wait a minute and put me on hold...............................then came back and said that they are open but not taking phone or internet orders. This is what appears on their website:


Yes, I'm still a bit confused!




My wife and I had been waiting for the crowds to die down at the new Habit Burger in the Queensgate area of Richland. Wouldn't you know that right about the time we were making plans to go try it out, they are closed! After a fairly exhaustive internet search, here's what I found...

Habit Burger has closed locations in the past due to financial issues. In 2019 Habit Burger closed several locations in the Orlando area because they weren't making enough money. Orlando is a hell of a long way away from here, and I'm pretty sure with the long lines recently, they were making plenty of money. So that's probably not it. Everything else I found was internet hearsay. Folks were commenting on local Facebook pages like All About Tri-Cities Washington, saying things like...

One commenter read a few reviews saying people got sick from there and that might have something to do with it. (Again, this is hearsay.)

Others think it's a CDC quarantine time after a positive covid test.

One person commented that they heard they were having plumbing issues.

And someone else speculates that they are closed to retrain their people because there were too many complaints.

Could it possibly be that they didn't have enough workers? Many other businesses are struggling with that issue, although that should settle down some now that the extra unemployment money is gone. They seemed to have plenty of workers for that busy start-up period, but maybe they lost some.


The Habit Burger website says the closing is only temporary and they will reopen on September 21st, but lists no official reason for the closure.


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