My name is Aj, most of you know me as a guy on the radio but I am also a Seattle Seahawks Super Fan. This last weekend I was kicked out of the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl with 2 of my friends and the reason will surprise you.

The 3 of us are what people call "NFL Super Fans" or people that dress up in detailed costumes to cheer our favorite team. For 4 years now, I have been driving to Seattle and going to every game dressed up as a Seahawks Bigfoot fan called the "Sea-Squatch" in a costume I created. I have also traveled to 5 different stadiums around the country attending Seahawks away games and never had a problem.

I have been lucky enough to meet many other Super Fans from around the country and lately the Pro Bowl has been our "SPOT" to meet up every year.

This was our second year at the Pro Bowl in Orlando in Camping World Stadium, that is why were were so surprised when security told us we had to remove our costumes or leave the stadium.

First let me be clear, we were not causing trouble or being rude. We were not out of control drinking or being verbally abusive to other fans. All were were doing was taking pictures with thousands of fans from all over the country that had gathered to celebrate the game we love.

The strange thing is we went through security with our costumes on and were taking pictures with people inside the stadium for over 2 hours before they asked us to leave. Both the Dolphins Super Fans (Gorilla Luke & Gorilla Josh) and myself wear the same costumes every game in stadiums all over the country. We had even attended last years Pro Bowl at the same location without any problems at all. So why get kicked out this year?

If you go to the Camping World Stadium website, we were able to find that masks were not allowed in their long list of rules.

The problem with that to me is that nothing was posted on the banned item lists on the signs outside the stadium or on the tickets. We also went through security with no problems and both security and ushers asked to take multiple pictures with us!

If there was a rule about masks and costumes, then why were we allowed in for almost 3 hours and then all of the sudden asked to leave? There were also atleast 50 other fans, both kids and adults, that were wearing masks but were not asked to leave.

The security guy in a suit that told us we had to leave because  the "NFL made the call". The "NFL" representative would not come talk to our face but instead just told them to "get us out of there" on the radio. They said that the "NFL did not want fans like that in their stadium".

This is not the first time known Super Fans have been kicked out of a game for their costumes. Sand Diego Super Fan "Bolt Man" was not let into the first game at the Chargers new stadium in LA this year because of his mask and it made national news. This is very sad because the NFL has a long history of Super Fans that they now seem to want to push out.

Is this what the NFL is becoming? Do they really want to exile the most die-hard fans they have? If they are banning Super Fans, what or who is next?

We did not even get a simple apology. They acted like refunding my ticket was good enough to "make it up to us". As a lifelong Seahawks fan that traveled all the way across the country and spent thousands to go to the Pro Bowl, I am disgusted at how my friends and I were treated and will definitely will not be going back.

I was already planning on going to London this year for the Seahawks game, but now I am not so sure after this experience.

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