Whether you love a beautiful lawn or loved to garden or neither one of those things, the weeds in the Tri-Cities this year are the worst. Even in the cracks in your driveway! Is it the heat? Is it the irrigation water? Whatever it is, they are really bad this year. I have a little weeding tool but you have to get down on your hands and knees to use it. For the occasional weed, this is not a big deal. But up and down, up and down, can really wear on a fella! So I started investigating weeders that I could use while standing up. One of the first ones I ran across was called Grandpa's Weeder. I remember my dad having something similar to this when I was a kid. It must have been in our tool shed for years and years and years, and only got used a few times I think. But I do remember it worked fairly well. As with all things, a great idea can always be improved on. So I found this video from a guy that I follow on YouTube, called the Crazy Russian Hacker. Here he goes over 8 tools that all do basically the same thing with basically the same design. Some work better than others, though. I've decided on which one I want to buy so check this out and see what you think. I'll post below the video which one I like the best so I don't sway you before you watch.

I think I'll go with the 4-blade Fiskars unless it's too expensive. The Grandpa's Weeder would be my next choice at $35 on Amazon.


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