The WATV or wheeled all-terrain vehicle is going to be legal to drive-in West Richland!

This puts a whole new spin on the fun that will go on in my neighborhood! If I ever get one, I can see myself running to the grocery store or the convenience store a little more often. Not every 4 wheeled all-terrain vehicle will qualify, however. Check the list below from the West Richland Police Dept. For instance, you're gonna need a couple of headlights. Oh, and you're gonna need a horn. Naturally, you will need seat belts and a brake light. But no worries if you don't have a roll bar as you could simply wear a helmet. Many of these vehicles come street-legal already, you just need a place to drive them on the pavement. And starting February 1st, West Richland will be one of those places! My question is what if I find myself in Richland accidentally? I don't mean deep into Richland, just on a Richland street like one block outside of West Richland? There could be trouble comin'!

Beginning February 1st, West Richland will begin allowing Street Legal WATV's on the roadway. See below for the...

Posted by West Richland Police Department on Thursday, January 28, 2021

If you've got a nice off road side-by-side and want to make it street legal, the video below shows what one very mechanical owner did:



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