In Madison, Wisconsin a man by the name of Beezo Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and he had some paraphernalia and pot on him.

Forget the charges, check out the name, man! This guy had his name legally changed from Jeffery Drew Wilschke to Zippity do da day in October. You gotta be really bored to do something like that, or you smoked a pound of alfalfa.

It did get me thinking about what name I might take if I had to change it.

My favorite has always been, Seymour Butts, or Dwayne Pipe.

If I wanted to get fancy I would go with Chris Anthemum or Rufus Leaking. If I were a girl: Amanda Reckonwith, Bea Sting or Bell E. Flop.

Don't you just love adolescent humor? If I were from the Islands I would be Juwanna Beer, or Camonna Awannakissya.

Then there are the Dovers -- Eileen and Ben -- and the girl with the bad breath: Ginger Vitas. One of Greg's old friends was Hedda Hair.

I gotta stop, I'm cracking myself up. Give your new name, come on, it's fun! Everyone's doing it.

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