When the Coronavirus first appeared it was the scary unknown virus. The entire world scrambled to find answers and cures. One minute the professionals were telling us not to wear a mask, that they did no good. The next they were recommending everyone wear a mask. There seems to be a great division of people about wearing or not wearing a mask anytime you are in public. I have heard everything from "I refuse to wear a mask, it goes against my rights" from "you are selfish and don't care about others if you don't wear a mask."

So what is it? Mask or no mask?

It wasn't until a friend of mine, Heather and her husband Tory contracted the virus. Heather has underlying health conditions already, so this hit home to me and it brought it into perspective. I have watched videos, read posts and talked to people about their thoughts about wearing a mask. The world seems to be divided. It wasn't until I watched this video that Heather posted that clinched the way I will view wearing a mask from here on out. We wish you the very best Heather and Tory and hope you both have a speedy recovery and that your Daddy remains safe and healthy!

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