Dancing with scars is over along with the biggest boozer, and tonite American Bridal comes to a close. Can my wife survive until Big Bother starts up?

Reality shows are the bomb in our house, my wife's bomb not mine. I think they should send 15 overweight bachelors and bachelorettes to a remote island in the Pacific. Then, some guy makes them dance and sing, with out of work TV stars until they find a map that will help them get off of the island, or lead them to a McDonald's. Now, depending on how they lie, cheat, dance, sing and lose weight will finally determine a winner after seven months. Oh ya, did I mention, in this game no one gets voted off, or gets low scores for bad dancing. At the end of the seven months of bad food, no sleep, emotional breakdowns and low ratings, the first person to make it across a shark filled lagoon is declared the winner. If there is more than one survivor to make it through the sharks gauntlet, we lop off a toe and send them back to the other side. Now I would watch that. As you may or may not know, I'm kidding. I would never support a show that has people do silly things on national TV for money. Give me the A-Team or Rockford Files any day. I love you Gayle.

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