It was a beautiful day yesterday to go for a drive and grab some grub. So that's exactly what my buddy Kevin and I did! I had never been to Palouse Falls, so we headed that way with Walla Walla in our sights!

After making a quick stop at the falls, grabbing a couple of selfies to commemorate the visit we headed to the Stone Hut Bar & Grill in Walla Walla for some lunch! This wasn't my first visit here but it was my first visit in a long time and I had forgotten how truly amazing their food is! Kevin had a Reuben and I ventured outside my comfort zone with something called the French Flip, served with homemade french fries.

Let me just say this.... HOLY FRENCH FLIP!! It was GOOD! Basically I had a burger and a french dip all rolled into one! I HIGHLY recommend you try this burger!

The Stone Hut Bar and Grill is also known for their many beers on tap, great service and comfort food. So next time it's a beautiful day and you need a destination for lunch I highly recommend making the drive to Walla Walla to the Stone Hut Bar & Grill! Be sure and tell them Janis sent you!