A lot of times, inquiring minds want to know.

We have always been a fan of Sun Mart...remember them?  Circle K's replaced them a number of years ago, but this location is always busy.

Many times I stopped there on the way home from our kids' Kennewick Grid Kid football practices at Southridge to get them a slushy (well, not every day!).

Google street view
Google street view

You can't drive by and not see activity at the corner of 10th and Union in Kennewick at this one.

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But a few days ago, we noticed it was seriously torn up. We didn't see if they pulled out the gas storage tanks from underground, but one day it was there, then closed, then poof! Demolition.

No signage about what's going up, so we reached out to our friends at the Tri-City Area Journal of Business. They know everything! (pretty much!).

We got back this prompt email about what's going in there:

Wendy, one of their editors sent us this:

"According to Kennewick, it's a replacement. The old building is torn down and is being replaced with an expansive new one:
Demolition of existing C-store, fuel canopy and residential structures; new construction of 5,200 SF convenience store, fuel canopy, and 1,262 SF automatic car wash."
  The Circle K sign is still standing, so it can be presumed it will stay as one, apparently, there's no concrete proof that it will. But aside from that, now we know what's happening at this location.
  Drivers will probably be happy they got rid of the tiny, narrow, curved lanes you had to navigate to get to the old buildings' gas pumps.
 And, speaking of business news and large corporations...

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