The orange cones are up and the red and white barricade is obvious even if you can't read the ROAD CLOSED sign.

To me, it looks like this road is closed. Yep, I would say this road is closed. I wouldn't go any further because the road is closed. I would probably turn around now because it looks like this road is closed.

It would take a special kind of stupid to go past the orange cones, barricade, and road closed sign wouldn't it? Apparently, there are some especially stupid folks out there who have ignored the fact that this road is closed.

I live in West Richland and I've examined the photo closely. I'm not really sure exactly where this is but apparently, a shortcut is under construction. I guess even though it's not complete the shortcut is still usable, but I wouldn't know because the road is closed.

The comments on this Facebook post are pretty enjoyable though. Like the guy who says that if he doesn't get to Yoke's 2 minutes earlier by taking the shortcut, then they will be out of the crab jalapeno dip and that is unacceptable LOL.

At any rate, West Richland police are done handing out warnings to violators. All they're asking for is a little patience and you will soon be able to legally take this shortcut. They might even put up a sign saying that the road is OPEN!

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