Why is there a second version of the WRPD Lip Sync video coming, and what happened to the first one? Oh, well let me fill you in. Some of this is hearsay, so I'll just put it in my own words, then you can see the official explanation from the West Richland Police Facebook page below.

West Richland Police took down the first video because apparently a handful of Facebook Trolls (or Dingleberries, as I call them) complained that it looked like the police were driving in an unsafe manner. It was just a common movie camera trick, and that vehicle was actually on a flatbed truck, so it only looked like the officer was cruising down the road with his feet sticking out of the window. Long story short, Dingleberries just need to shut up and mind their own business. But as long as there's Facebook, there will be know-it-all jackasses. Personally, I'm looking very forward to version 2.0! Great job WRPD!

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