Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

In the wee hours of Monday morning (2/21), West Richland Police were alerted to a trespasser. This particular trespasser happened to be of the four-legged variety. Not a dog or a cat or a horse, but a black cow who we have come to find out is named Violet.

West Richland Police were able to wrangle Violet and were looking for help on their Facebook page on a place to store her until the owner could be located. It's not like they have a pen or pasture handy, I guess.

They did manage to find a place to pasture Violet for a while, but she busted loose again! The cow they were earlier refering to as super friendly was no longer super friendly and last seen heading east towards the Riverside Drive area.

Then as I'm reading in the comments, Megan says, "She is my cow and her name is violet if she ever future offends!"

She said that was she was so embarrassed and that she is safely back in her pen. They had no idea she was gone until her neighbor called this morning and the little stink was outside in front of the gate waiting for me, she says! She is a bottle-fed baby rescued from a feedlot and is more like a dog than a cow.

Glad you found your way home Violet! Megan's husband says he is going to reinforce her enclosure because she's just so smart!

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