A man from West Richland was arrested after police found him with an explosive device Sunday night.

Police got a disturbance call to a house on North 60th Avenue owned by the parents of 35 year old David Laughery.

There was an argument where David Laughery damaged the house and then possibly left with a knife and an explosive device.

Police found Laughery but he did not have an explosive device on him.

Police later found the device "located in the area that we believe he had at one point", said West Richland police Capt. Thomas Grego, according to news reports.

Police will not say where they found the device or what exactly it was.

Police did say that based of evidence from the device, they believe the surrounding neighborhood was not in danger from the explosive. They believe it was dismantled earlier on Friday or Saturday.

Laughery was booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of having an explosive device, past warrants, misdemeanors, and making false statements, .

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