I carry and I know lots of folks who do. I also know lots of people who have carry permits, but find it too much trouble to carry daily or aren't wearing clothing that makes concealing a pistol comfortable. Most warm days you'll find me in comfortable shorts that won't support a waistband holster. If that sounds like you, may I suggest the North American Arms mini revolver (pictured).  They come in .22 and .22 magnum, and several models come with interchangeable cylinders for both calibers. Many gun enthusiasts claim that the .22 round is not suitable for personal protection. I say it's better than nothing and sure wouldn't want to be shot with one. They are easier to shoot than they look and surprisingly accurate, but I would recommend this gun more for the experienced shooter than the beginner, or make sure you visit the gun range with it several times before you carry it. You can find NAA mini guns at most local gun outlets (when in stock) but good luck finding ammo. Hopefully you have some already.

That being said, if you live in West Richland and want to apply for a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) this week, you're out of luck (see post below from WRPD).

You may or may not know that you must be fingerprinted and apply for your CPL at the police station in the city in which you live. Rural residents can apply with their local Sheriff's Office.



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