So many times we have asked or been asked, who has the best burger in town or the best fries. Well I need help finding the best onion rings in town! I have been searching and searching and I think I have discovered the best onion rings maybe on the entire planet! Yep... the ENTIRE PLANET!! One of my favorite lunch spots is the Dive Bar & Grill in Richland (near Horn Rapids).

I have tried just about everything on their menu but for some reason I had not tried the onion rings, until recently that is. I am a huge onion ring fan but I usually pass on appetizers because the entrees are so filling I just never have room. Well this particular trip, I specifically went for the onion rings and my only regret is that I haven't tried them sooner. Oh my onion ring heaven!! They are tremendous! I asked the owner, Dashia Hopp what their secret was and she actually TOLD ME! She said they hand slice big fat onions, dip them in their homemade beer batter and then fry them to perfection. Okay.. okay... she really didn't tell me their secret but close enough. You had me at homemade and beer!

So now I want to know... who do YOU think has the best onion rings? Do they top the Dive? Who and where can I try these yummy slices of onions? I am also a fan of the Palm Bar & Grill onion rings in Benton City and Red Robin has always been an old time "go to" favorite. We would love to hear from you by either commenting on this post or give Woody & Janis a call during the show at 509-547-kord. Can't wait to hear from you!

The Dive Bar & Grill

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