Things you should bring:
-Sunscreen! Temperatures will be in the mid 90s so be prepared.
-Bring your ticket! You can’t get in without a ticket. You can get a weekender pass and other tickets HERE or at area Albertsons Stores. Remember you can get free kids tickets at Jack-In-The-Box.
-Umbrella (a low one, please) and blankets or lawn chairs.
-A good hat. Cuz burning your noggin sucks

Things NOT to bring:
-Weapons of any kind
-Squirt bottles
-Squirt guns/Super Soakers (this sucks I know)
-Glass items
-Unauthorized motor vehicles (golf carts, scooters, etc.)
-Alcoholic beverages or drugs (unless alcohol allowed by your special area)

The Water Follies Security website had this to add:

"All Cars Are Subject to Search When Entering Columbia Park. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All Coolers are Subject to Search When Entering Viewing Areas. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Insurance regulations require that no open-toe or mocassin-type shoes in the HOT Pit Area! Open Toe shoes are permitted in the cold pit area.

Absolutely NO SMOKING in the pit areas. This is a NO TOLERANCE rule, as Jet-A and methanol fuels are stored here.

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