Benton County Sheriff's officials say they've been made aware of a number of companies who are selling, mostly online, personal 'home' Me Too assault forensic evidence gathering kits.

Officials say these kits are designed for alleged victims of a "Me Too" type of assault or incident to gather their 'own' evidence to support their case.

One company in particular, is selling such a kit, calling it the Me Too kit, based upon the recent movement that tries to get women to come forward about assaults they may have experienced.

However, law enforcement officials stress these types of kits are NOT admissible in court. Such situations, such as sexual or other assaults, require and exam and report by a licensed qualified medical forensic examiner. A firestorm of legal issues have been raised by the kits, and a number of state Attorneys General have had to tackle the issue.

They stress to anyone who has been involved in ANY such situation, regardless of gender, age or situation, to immediately contact law enforcement and report it so they can start the legitimate process of having it addressed.

An online search did turn up the Me Too Kit,  they claim 77 percent of such victims never report their incident. However, while the thought it noble, such home kits are being heavily criticized by people on all sides of the issue because they actually cause more legal and other issues for the victim.

Company selling Me Too home forensic evidence kits (Me Too)
Company selling Me Too home forensic evidence kits (Me Too)


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