Who knew that Keith Urban wanted to be a radio announcer? At the age of 16, that was one of his ambitions. He figured that being on the radio might actually help his music career!

Keith was 16 years old in 1983 and appeared on an Australian talent show called New Faces. So how did the judges like him? Well, young or old, he will always be the very talented Keith Urban. Although his craft was not honed and they actually had some really good suggestions that he apparently took to heart. Keith is one of those people who takes constructive criticism and works with it rather than shuns it as an insult.

When I watch shows like The Voice, I see the judges like Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson talk about things like breathing properly while you sing. According to one of the judges on this Australian talent show, that was one of the problems Keith Urban had. They said he was just singing by the seat of his pants! Well, he got it figured out and is doing just fine these days.

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