Washington has been home to MANY musical artists and even some performers, but our most famous visual artist is Dale Chihuly. If the name doesn't ring a bell, look up some of his pieces and I guarantee you'll have seen some before.

In a recent interview Mr. Chihuly, 75, admitted he's bi-polar and has struggled with it most of his life. 

He continues to work during his depressive periods, but it's very difficult and he's not creative during those times... he just executes plans he made when he was in a better mental state. He's mostly creative when he's feeling up.

There used to be a stigma associated with confessing a mental illness, but more and more people are admitting it's a disability, but it doesn't define them. Chihuly doesn't mind talking about it anymore.

As much discomfort as it may have caused him, it didn't stop him from become world-famous!

Berkeley Square Sun Unveiling
Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images

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