Distracted driving is against the law.

It's been on Olympia's books for six months, but the state now says your grace period for avoiding a $136 dollar fine and having your insurance know about it, is dwindling, if not over.

If you live in Pasco, they've been financially enforcing the law for months.

The law is sweeping, including all electronics, but also putting on make-up, food or anything that could take your attention from the road.

New Law Seeks to Crack Down on Distracted New York Drivers
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Sgt. Scott Warren of the Pasco Police Department says there are common misconceptions about the law enacted of July of 2017:

"Being at the stoplight, thinking, 'OK, I'm not moving, I can use my phone.' Nope, that's a primary offense and that can go to your insurance company. Not knowing about the law doesn't give you an excuse if you are caught breaking it."

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