Talk about a crazy story. I saw this and couldn't believe that people are under the wooden bridges in Washington State hacking away at the wood bracings.

Washington State Is Asking People To Stop Chopping Wooden Bridges

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources posted an incident on Twitter and my mind was blown. I've heard of thieves trying to dig up copper around AM radio towers but literally cutting into wooden bridges that people and cars go across?

credit: Washington State DOR
credit: Washington State DOR

That's a new low.

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How Did They Catch The Men From Destroying The Wooden Bridge?

Luckily the men were arrested but it's only thanks to two hunters in the area that heard the chainsaws humming.

Here are the details of the incident according to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources:

A pair of hunters were out in DNR's Clearwater block in Jefferson County when they heard chainsaws last Friday, so they reached out to DNR. Officer Allen Nelson was already in the area and discovered two people cutting chunks out of the cedar logs that form the base of a bridge.

The two men were arrested and booked into Jefferson County Jail on felony charges and their vehicle and equipment held as evidence. The cedar chunks would be sold on the black market for mill owners to turn them into shake and shingles.

It's such a crazy story and makes you wonder what would've happened if the two men had gotten away with chopping up that wooden bridge.

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