Sick Of Washington State? Here are 10 States That'll Give You Free land

I'm a born Washingtonian and I love living in the state of Washington but if you don't like our fair state, believe it or not, there are 10 other states that'll give you free land to move there.

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The Homestead Act Of 1862 Was Vital To Migration Back In The Day

You might remember your History class about the Homestead Act of 1862.

In short, migration west was encouraged by the United States Government and free land was given out to populate the nation. It might explain how some of your own ancestors made it to the West Coast and Washington State.

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The act is no longer valid but several states and towns do give away free land in hopes of revitalizing businesses and economies in several towns.

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40 States Don't Give Away Free Land But These 10 States Do

In an article from several sources, 10 states offer free land and we've compiled the list of states that might be an option for you if you decide that it's time to bail from the state of Washington.

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Our lists were compiled from and We've included links to the individual towns and states in the gallery below:

Bailing on Washington State? Here’s 10 States That’ll Give You Free Land

10 States will give you free land, here they are...

If you have ever thought of moving or retiring, free land isn't a bad way to get it done.

I know each of the towns and states has stipulations but in the long wrong, you might save a lot of money by homesteading in another state.

You can check out more details on free land here and here.

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