Walla Walla Police are searching for a 24-year-old woman, believed to be part of what's called a "Forced Authorization Fraud" scam involving credit cards.

Walla Walla Police say Marky L. Hill is wanted for theft, defrauding an innkeeper, and organized retail theft.

Police say they believed she's part of an organized scheme that's scammed several area businesses.

Forced Authorization Fraud is rather clever scam. The scammer attempts to make a purchase using a credit card, usually stolen or fake. When it's declined, the suspect will usually act upset, call their 'bank,' and hand the merchant the phone.  The 'bank person', who is in on the fraud, gives the merchant an authorization code...pretending to be a credit card company customer service rep.

The merchant then enters the code, thereby 'forcing' the transaction to go through. Many merchants do not know that you can enter literally any such code (as long as it has the correct number of digits) and the transaction will process.

The suspect then leaves with their merchandise. Later, when the credit card and other receipts are run, it comes back fraudulent and the merchant is out the goods.

Hill is wanted for allegedly being a part of such a scheme that's hit some area businesses. Anyone with any information is urged to call Walla Walla police at (509)-524-4394. All leads can be confidential.

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