The temperatures have been pretty nice lately, and although they are not triple digits, they are still too warm to lock a pet in a vehicle. Especially if that pet might already have a sweating problem! The owner named him Elvis Pigsley. He's a 300 pounder. His best friend is a female husky dog named Lupa. They were both locked inside a van in a Walla Walla parking lot. When officers arrived, the dog was already trying desperately to get out of the van. Something is not on the up-and-up here and I am not just talking about pigs and dogs locked in a vehicle. Officers checked the plates on that van and they actually belonged to another vehicle that was in that parking lot. But this story has a happy ending, as Elvis Pigsley and Lupa were successfully rescued and are being sought after now by the Blue Mountain Humane Society. There is no word on if the owner will be charged with anything at this point until further investigation. In this case, the pig was locked in a van belonging to his owner. But if you have a pig, remember to tell them not to approach strange vans, even if they say they have free slop. Always ask to see the free slop first.  They probably don't even have any.



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