As the next generation of a star-studded musical family, Walker Montgomery has a rich legacy of '90s country behind him: His famous dad, John Michael Montgomery, and his uncle, Eddie Montgomery (one half of Montgomery Gentry), are two of that decade's best-loved performers.

He's also got a legendary musical friend in Dallas Davidson, a songwriter who has written hits for the likes of Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean throughout the aughts and 2010s. Davidson is a personal hero of the younger Montgomery, who is also signed to Davidson's record label, Play It Again.

"I would say that '90s country, and obviously, Dallas Davidson country, is my favorite kind. It's what I grew up on," Montgomery tells The Boot.

Still, Montgomery says, his songs have their own "modern flair," stylistically. Plus, the rising artist works hard to earn his fans with his own individual style, instead of following exactly in the footsteps of his famous relatives: For example, his single "Like My Daddy Done It," while in some ways a tribute to his father, doesn't focus on music; instead, its lyrics tell the story of an everyday father-son dynamic.

"I think the coolest thing about the song is that it doesn't say anything about music," Montgomery offers. "Growing up, especially where I grew up, and I don't think it matters if you're a girl or a guy on this one -- I think that your dad's always someone that you look up, and I'm all about releasing relatable songs.

"It's just a song about real-life stuff," he reflects.

Montgomery isn't the only member of his family tree's younger generation to pursue the family business of music-making, though: His cousin, Dillon Carmichael, is also a rising performer. With a rich baritone voice and a slightly more Americana-leaning slant, Carmichael is a very different artist than Montgomery; however, the pair are good friends and enjoy cheering each other on, and Montgomery says it might even be fun for them to team up for some kind of musical collaboration one day.

"I think it'd be cool to do, for obvious reasons. I mean, we're family! He's my first cousin," Montgomery says. "And our voices are a lot different, too. I think the contrast between those two voices, and still being family, would sound really good."

At this early stage in both of their careers, they've been too busy to discuss the possibilities. But, Montgomery adds, "We have done a few shows together, and he's just a really good guy."

"But I'd like to do a little collaboration or something, get a little family tradition going on," Montgomery notes of Carmichael. "God, he's got a good voice. And he's just a big ol' goofball."

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