Do you love baby goats? I can't imagine anyone answering no to that question! Every year, the Wishing Star Foundation delivers baby goats for a great cause! Wishing Star grants wishes to children with terminal, life-threatening, or medically complicated conditions. They also support their families beyond the wish. As with any great cause like this, volunteers are needed. Would you like to be a Goat Wrangler? You get to hang around cute baby goats and deliver them to people who have signed up for the SEND A FRIEND A GOAT promotion. Volunteers will get a special T-shirt, supplies for the goat deliveries and lunch at Wendy's! To sign up to be a volunteer and become a goat Wrangler click HERE.  Goat deliveries will take place in the Tri-Cities next week, M-F.

If you would like to send a friend a goat and help out the Wishing Star Foundation, time is running out. It's a $60 donation to Wishing Star to send a baby goat to an unsuspecting friend or family member. Or you could send the goat to someone at work and really make their day! Then the recipient of the goat can make a donation of any amount to pay for the removal of the goat once they've had their fill! Goat deliveries do comply with covid19 guidelines.
If you have a friend or co-worker that might be allergic to goats or you think it would simply make the boss happier, you can send a virtual goat! Virtual talking goats will deliver a cute message to your recipient, and benefit the Wishing Star Foundation.

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