A group of loose cannons went to Las Vegas this last weekend, we spent 3 days and 3 nights doing our part to keep the Vegas reputation in tact. We had some seasoned veterans in our group including Jasmin and Buster, Tony and his wife Bridget, Stumblin' Eddie and his lovely bride Sleepy, Bridget's parents Goober and LuLu, the limo twins, and my wife and I. (all names have been changed to protect the innocent) We landed Friday nite at about 11pm, and hit the strip running. Things got a little blurry at about 4:30 am or so, so my wife and I hooked up with Stumblin' Eddie and Sleepy and we all went to KGB Burgers for breakfast. We got to bed at 6:30, welcome to Vegas. The next day we all rallied at noon except Jasmin, apparently she got the flu bug of a bad shrimp cocktail, because she was burping and picking up hitchhikers until 2 or so that afternoon, poor thing. We hit Gilley's Club and had lunch, and that's where Tony went round one on the mechanical bull. Bull 1, Tony 0.  Later that night my wife and I once again hooked up with Stumblin' Eddie and Sleepy, and this would be the night Eddie got his nickname. After countless Casino's we decided to cross the street and visit Bally's, bad idea. We crossed the street on a sky bridge, and somehow got a little lost. We found the casino entrance about 20 minutes later. As we were walking, and trying to find the entrance, that's when Eddie tripped and gravity reared it's ugly head and pulled him to the sidewalk. He bounced and skidded a little, but popped right back up, even the guy behind us was impressed with his landing, gave Eddie a 6. On Sunday morning I got up and went to the casino and found a video poker bar to play some cards and have some coffee,wink wink. That is where I met some, how should I put this, working girls, and their date from the night before. She informed me that she was a perfect girl because her parents raised her right, I inquired if they had seen her in a while. Well, before you knew it the gentleman with the two dates was buying  jager bombs and wouldn't take no for an answer, though the perfect girl said she would drink anything I didn't want. In two hours, I learned more about the worlds oldest profession, and it didn't cost me a dime, although I was a little tipsy by 10:00 amm, welcome to Vegas. Before we ever went to Vegas, Tony had told a story about a trip he and Bridget had take to sin city years earlier. Romantic Tony was going to draw a bath for his wife, complete with rose peddles and bubbles. As Bridget was lowering herself into the jacuzzi tub, romantic Tony turned on the jets , only problem was the tubwasn't all the way full and the jet shot a stream of water right into Bridget's eye, game over. So the joke has been, when we all went to Vegas, Tony was suppose to draw us a bath, but after some late nights and two more rounds with the bull at Gilley's, Tony forgot. So after arriving at Pasco International Airport, I was rewarded, Buster had drawn me a bath, welcome home from Vegas. I will always look back on this trip with a smile, and will always hope I can remember more of the trip.

Drawing A Bath

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