Early Thursday morning (August 5) College Place Police, along with the Walla Walla County Regional SWAT Team were able to apprehend 3 of four wanted suspects related to a kidnapping and assault.

The suspects are also facing Harassment charges. According to College Place Police:

"SWAT served the warrant and arrested two College Place residents without incident. A 28-year-old female, Billyjo Dynes and 42-year-old male, Brian Rosenkranz. CPPD officers later arrested a third suspect, 32-year-old Arthur Waldon at a second residence within the 1000 block of Puff Lane."

They had served warrants at two separate locations in the area, along with two vehicles associated with the criminal investigation.

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According to Police, the suspects allegedly kidnapped the victims, and after several hours of holding them against their will with firearms, and assaulting them, the two persons were driven out into the county and dropped at separate remote locations.

The two were able to make their way back to town and presumably contacted law enforcement. No word from Police as to what led to the kidnapping and assault.

A fourth suspect is still being sought. The SWAT Team was used in this arrest because of the history of the suspects, and that they used weapons in the kidnapping and assaults.

The investigation continues.


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