From the Kennewick Police Department's facebook page:

Late this morning (Wednesday, October 24) the resident of a house on South Osborne between First and Fourth got alerts from their camera system that two people were in the backyard trying the doors to see they if they were unlocked. A short moment later a 16-year-old male and 20-year-old Ismael Valladares were in police custody for attempted residential burglary. K-9 assisted to check the property for any other suspects.

This was a case where the homeowner locked their doors and had extra security measures in place. We encourage Kennewick residents to keep doors locked and evaluate their security around their house. That can include alarm systems and camera systems just to name a few. Just remember if you get an alarm system that the system needs to be permitted with Kennewick.

A further clarification on the post stated that your installed camera system needs a permit only if it has an alarm and you want the Kennewick Police Department to know when it goes off.

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