There have been many Mid-Columbians who we remember this Veterans Day.

While thousands have, and continue to serve, there is a special place of honor for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives while serving our nation.

According to various military and National Archives Records,   the following numbers are for World War II,  Korea, and Vietnam.

  • World War II took the lives of 21 from Franklin, and 34 from Benton County.
  • The Korean War saw 9 die from Benton, 2 from Franklin County
  • At least 53 serving our nation died in Vietnam from Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla Counties.

And in addition, are the number of those who've died in Middle East conflicts such as Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

So on this Veterans Day,  take a moment to tell somebody you know serving our nation you appreciate their efforts.   When you realize the dozens who've died protecting us, and they grew up in and around us in the Mid-Columbia,  it should mean even more.

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