Social media needs more stories like this. Humankind in general needs more stories like this.

Kennewick police could have maybe arrested this guy for trespassing or some other infraction. They could have ticketed his vehicle for one of probably a hundred things. But they chose to help instead. Instead of making a man's life worse, they chose to lend a helping hand. And when the other agencies involved saw what was happening, they decided to help also. You've heard that a smile is contagious, but so is a frown.  Here's hoping that the next opportunity you have to either smile or frown, you choose to smile. And the next chance you have to either lift someone up or put them down, you choose to lift. Thank you KPD for your serious dedication to doing what's right in our community.

"Committed to Your Safety"
Last week officers received a complaint about an abandoned vehicle. When officers made...

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Thursday, March 25, 2021



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