A video has been located of the alleged head butt assault made on a man attending the Trump-Culp flag waving rally Satuday in Kennewick.

Hundreds of people lined Columbia Center Boulevard for the event, which drew some weekend news stories from local TV stations.

During the event, a 50-year-old man who was gathering signatures for I-1114 was head butted by an assailant, ending up with a broken nose. (I-1114 is an initiative supporters hope to get on the ballot, it would limit any use of Emergency Orders by any WA Governor to 14 days; after that would require full Legislative approval to be extended).

The video from a distance shows several people exiting the Black Cadillac Escalade, one of them runs across the street, head butts the victim, and you hear the videographer say that. Then the attacker, and it appears another person from the vehicle, sprint back and climb in.

Several of the rally participants run briefly out into traffic towards the Caddy, but then quickly turn their attention to the victim; likely they realized they would be blocking traffic. The camera then zooms in and gets a great shot of the vehicle heading towards them.

Then the Caddy pulls out of the line of traffic, and clearly is captured on video as it makes a screeching hard right town onto Canal Drive eastbound.  The assault occurred from the northbound CC Boulevard lanes, roughly in front of Bank of the West.

It is presumed the video has been collected and being or has been looked at by police. It was posted on YouTube by Bolson Sports.

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