Aside from his nickname, this suspect is an example of how the new 'police reform' laws are preventing a suspect from being apprehended.

'Big Bird' wanted on multiple auto thefts

26-year-old Jose L. Torres, aka "Big Bird," is being sought on at least two felony charges, both involving possession of stolen vehicles and other issues.

Kennewick Police say his felonies for car theft are out of Franklin County, now he's wanted on others--these likely include felony eluding law enforcement.

KPD says he's successfully fled from officers on multiple occasions. This is an example of how the new 'reform' laws have prevented more stringent vehicle chases. Officers also have to establish 'concrete' probable cause before they can apprehend a likely suspect, including Torres.

For example, if he were seen behind the wheel of a vehicle, and it was reported stolen, officers would have to verify it was stolen again, and could not necessarily pursue him unless he was driving in an unsafe manner. That's about how things are these days following the passage of new Democrat-Inslee pushed laws last summer.

If anyone has any information on Big Bird's whereabouts, call (509)-5628-0333. All leads can be anonymous.


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